How to download vedios from Youtube

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Asalam on our fight to easy all todays affears we have find a way which will help you to dwonlod vedio or vedios from youtube. Sometimes we will see some videos which we want but youtube not leave you to download. So just toke that far come near. Follow the following steps to have youtube videos on your m.card:- step 1: open your browser and type Step2: search your intersted video. Step3: click on like you a to watch or to say open the tab you will see the video URL press your right click keypad on. Step4: remove letter M from the begining of the Url after Http:// and remove {.} fulstop. Step5: replace the removed letter and mark with ss and wait to load to select the format of the video you want. Click to start dwonloading wish you best and long life my vistors. Keep visiting
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